Poem Puzzle 1

What book is this poem about?

He’s made of wood, but watch his nose
When he tells a lie it grows

Wiz Quiz

What story is it?

It's the story of courage of brains and of heart
And how to be brave and loving and smart
Over the rainbow and past the two dippers
To a place where a girl found some ruby red slippers
And learned though you travel from Rio to Rome
Wherever you go there is no place like home.

Common Numbers

Unscramble the names to uncover a bunch of numbers with something in common... but what?

  wttyne  hteer
  thtyir  sneev
  noe  ehrnudd  iteynn  hreet
  ntytew  enin


For each definition, find the Nanagram -- a pair of words made up of identical letters, in different orders

Employer wails
Reject rolls
Living quarters tedium
Fury over stove
Every pain
Low volume
Drives rise