Name the character

Have you ever heard of the Baker Street sleuth?
So brilliant and logical - he sought out the truth
With his friend Dr. Watson and his interest in science
He was ready to serve some pretty strange clients


An animal, a sorceress and a place for your hat
Do you think you can make a story of that?
Add winter and a country that’s way out of sight
And remember to put in some Turkish Delight

What book?

Funny Bunny

Name the author

Disobedience leads to a tale of suspense
A narrow escape through a slot in the fence
I’ll give you a clue, The last name is Potter
It’s nobody’s son. It’s somebody’s daughter
If you answered, “Harry”, you get a zero
Think of an author, not of a hero
Her writings and drawings were cheerful and sunny
And in her most famous story she wrote of a bunny
The name you are looking for starts with a B
She tells wonderful stories - i know you’ll agree.


Poem Puzzle 1

What book is this poem about?

He’s made of wood, but watch his nose
When he tells a lie it grows